Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to the conference?

The conference has several functions – educational activities, contests, business meeting, banner parade, networking, and more. Some people wear business casual or a casual suit to all events. Jeans and shorts are occasionally seen, but not commonly worn. Others wear different styles of dress for different events: business casual for educational sessions, the business meeting, and contests

At the Saturday evening event you may see everything from business casual to tuxedos and cocktail dresses or formals. Members with the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation usually wear their ribbons that evening.

What will the educational sessions be like?

While session topics vary from conference to conference, they are not for the passive! You’ll see flip charts, PowerPoint presentations, and animated speakers. You will hear poignant tales and be drawn into active workshops.

It would be a good idea to bring a pen and notebook to write down ideas as they occur to you. You will also need a pen to fill out the session evaluation form regarding the presenters. Please let us know what you think. Your evaluation contributes towards presenting outstanding and relevant topics. Sessions may include a Question and Answer period, typically at the end of the presentation.

What can I expect upon arrival?

Look for a registration desk where you will be greeted warmly, receive a registration package, a name badge, and – if you purchased a registration with meals – indicators of your meal choice (tickets, coupons, etc.).

FIRST TIMERS: There is a registration desk just for first time conference participants. You’ll receive a first timers registration package, first timer ribbon, and a first timer contest sheet that will help you meet new people.

Which Contests will be held at the Spring Conference?

This Spring, the International Speech, and Evaluation Contests will be held.

International Speeches are 5 - 7 minutes long, and Evaluation Contests are 2 - 3 minutes.

How do I get the most out of the conference?

Attend sessions. Go with a friend. Make it a point to meet new people. Take lots of notes. Ask questions. Volunteer to deliver a session at a future conference. Volunteer. Have fun!

What if I have special needs or dietary requirements?

Please tell us as soon as possible ( so we can prepare to make sure you get the most out of the conference. We will consider all requests to the best of our ability.

Definitions and Terms

District Conference A District Governor event, overseen by the Lt Governor Education & Training (LGET), and directed by the Conference Chair that meets the needs of the Toastmasters within the District.

District Executive Committee (DEC) group made up of the District Governor, Lt Governor Education & Training (LGET), Lt Governor Marketing, Immediate Past District Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Division Governors, and Area Governors. The committee meets at least four times a year to address fulfillment of the District Mission. The DEC presents its information and business to the District Council at the two conferences held during the Toastmaster year.

District Council (DC) group made up of the DEC plus club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education.

Conference Chair A Toastmaster selected by the Lt Governor Education & Training and approved by the District Governor. The Conference chair is responsible for working with the LGET and District Governor along with a committee to present a conference that meets the needs of the Toastmasters in the District. The Conference Chair works within a set budget and guidelines. The Chair selects several committee members to execute many of the events that happen during the conference. To volunteer for a future conference or to learn more, contact the LGET or conference chair.

LGET activities the LGET selects the Contest Chairs, Chief Judge, Hall of Fame Chair, and – with the Conference Chair and District Governor – selects the educational session speakers.

Communication & Leadership (C&L) Recipient A non-Toastmaster in the location of the conference that is recognized by the District for their communication and/or leadership skills. Recommendations are provided to the District Governor who selects the C&L Recipient.

Conference Committee Led by the Conference Chair, over 75 volunteers deliver the conference. Many volunteers lead subcommittees such as Educational Chair, Contest Chair, Sgt At Arms Chair, Publicity, Programs, Registration, Recognition, Facilities, Plaques & Awards and more! Toastmasters make this happen. Please take time to thank them for their hours of effort.


  • ACB – Advanced Communicator Bronze
  • AC/DC – All Clubs / Distinguished Clubs
  • ACG – Advanced Communicator Gold
  • ACS – Advanced Communicator Silver
  • AG – Area Governor
  • AL – Advanced Leader (old system)
  • ALB – Advanced Leader Bronze
  • ALS – Advanced Leader Silver
  • ATMB – Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (old system)
  • ATMG – Advanced Toastmaster Gold (old system)
  • ATMS – Advanced Toastmaster Silver (old system)
  • CC – Competent Communicator
  • CL – Competent Leader
  • CSP - Certified Speaking Professional
  • CTM – Competent Toastmaster (old system)
  • DC – District Council
  • DEC – District Executive Committee
  • DivG – Division Governor
  • DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster
  • HPL – High Performance Leadership Project
  • ID – International Director
  • IPDG – Immediate Past District Governor
  • LGET – Lt Governor Education & Training
  • LGM – Lt Governor Marketing
  • PDG – Past District Governor
  • PID – Past International Director
  • PIP – Past International President
  • POT – Plain ole Toastmaster
  • PRO – Public Relations Officer
  • SAA – Sergeant at Arms
  • TI – Toastmasters International
  • TLI – Toastmasters Leadership Institute
  • TM – Toastmaster
  • VPE – Vice President Education
  • VPM – Vice President Membership
  • VPPR – Vice President Public Relations
  • WHQ – World Headquarters